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Court surfaces and multi-use games areas gradually become dirty and moss covered, particularly if adjacent to trees and bushes. They should, therefore, be cleaned on a regular basis. Most importantly to provide a safe playing area and also to prolong the life of the surface, thus delaying the necessity for resurfacing.

We undertake to clean the surface using specialised equipment, providing a deep wash and thereby removing the dirt and moss. We then treat the surface with a selected mossicide to delay the recurrence of moss.


Colour Spraying and Binder Application

After a period of time, the paint on sports surfaces wears away and it becomes necessary to renovate them. We offer the option of colour spraying with two coats of textured, acrylic court coating or, alternatively, the application of a water based/polyurethane binder prior to colour spraying. This acts as a ‘holding operation’ by preventing further breaking up of the existing surface, thus delaying the necessity for a full resurface. As this is a spray application it does not alter the level of the existing surface.

There is a choice of numerous colour combinations from two tone green to purple and a selection is shown here:

Resurfacing of Exisiting Surfaces

Once a court starts to break up or crack it requires a full resurface. This is carried out by installing a new porous, tarmacadam layer over the existing surface, which will have been carefully prepared, through various stages, for this process. A full and detailed specification will be provided with our quotation.

New Court or Reconstruction of Exisiting Court

From a green field site or a state of dilapidation, we offer a full construction service from initial removal of top soil to final erection of fencing around a brand new court. Again a full and detailed specification will be provided with our quotation.

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